SynScape NZ ensures maintenance-friendly fake grass in NZ

More and more, people rely on fake grass in NZ. Rightly so. It can survive not just hot summers but also cold winter and snow. This allows you to make the most of whatever weather comes your way.

Trust SynScape NZ Regarding Artificial Grass in Christchurch NZ

Synthetic grass technology has evolved enormously in the past decades. No matter how big or small the surface is which you want to cover, with SMARTGRASS ™, it will always keep a natural appearance. It stays in its place well and is maintenance-friendly. Can any crafty DIYer place synthetic grass? Certainly, they can. We’re always willing to help anyone with information. The installation of artificial grass takes time however, and experience is a must if you want to achieve a result so splendid it will make your family, friends and neighbours green with envy. To avoid any mishaps or disappointments, rely on SynScape, artificial grass suppliers in NZ.

  • Benefit from SynScape NZ’s service and workmanship for a lawn that always looks highly realistic. Whether NZ is groaning under a long period of drought, or a rainy winter season that doesn’t seem to end, your lawn will keep its fresh and luscious aspect.
  • Enjoy a splendid customer experience thanks to our open attitude. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better product than SMARTGRASS ™, but to enjoy this to the fullest, it’s vital you’re well-informed. Pepper us with questions and count on always receiving forthright and complete answers.
  • Our customers also value our clear and comprehensive communication. Embarking on your project with us means that you’ll have someone who listens. Your ideas and wishes will become ours, and we won’t be satisfied unless we’ve installed a lawn which fits 100% of your expectations.

What Sets SynScape NZ Apart Regarding Synthetic Turf in NZ?

We could name plenty of reasons why you’ll find no better artificial grass suppliers in NZ than SynScape NZ. Don’t take our word for it, however. Instead, see what our customers have to say about us.

  • Some are impressed at how we accommodate to strict schedules. When building or renovating a house together with its garden, several contractors are often at work at the same time. We possess a talent for spotting any openings in planning when we can best fit in. Since we are also well acquainted with the procedures relating to big construction projects, we can be flexible. We install the artificial grass while ensuring that no contractors are hindered in their work. The greatest advantage of our approach is that our work never has any negative effect on the contractor’s timing or budget.
  • Our customers credit us with fair artificial grass prices in NZ. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the skill of combining both high quality and affordability. The long-term cost too is minimal.
  • Should you prefer to have your garden transformed in phases, then we are happy to accommodate this. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Last, but not least important: we’re always friendly. It’s pleasant to be working with an excellent product, but it’s also highly rewarding to transform an ordinary, or perhaps even unsightly, space into a splendid landscape.

What Can You Expect from SynScape NZ Concerning SMARTGRASS™ Artificial Grass in NZ?

Some synthetic lawn installers will boldly state that SMARTGRASS™ is the best artificial lawn in NZ. We go even further. If placed by SynScape NZ, SMARTGRASS™ is the best synthetic grass in the world! SMARTGRASS™ is the best in the world because it comes from the world’s leading artificial grass manufacturers and a lot of effort has been put into designing and creating premium, long-lasting products.

  • SMARTGRASS™ fake turf in NZ is in fact a luxury product. It has the same colour hues as real grass and it reflects the sunlight in the same way.
  • Artificial turf in NZ doesn’t require any water, which is beneficial for the environment. Chemical products, pesticides and fertiliser are superfluous too. A synthetic lawn is an environmentally-friendly alternative for surface hardening with concrete, asphalt or clay bricks.
  • SMARTGRASS™ is extremely sturdy. If treated well, your synthetic lawn in NZ will last for many years. At SynScape NZ, we offer a ten-year warranty. Best of all, this product is recyclable at the end of its lifetime.
  • Another advantage is its versatility. Most people will think of a lawn when they hear about artificial grass. But schools, municipal councils, kindergartens and companies of all kinds realise the benefits of synthetic grass in NZ. Use it wherever you struggle with issues or any possible muddy mess in your garden, or even your apartment balcony. SMARTGRASS™ covers floors, walls, and even slopes and mounds.
  • SMARTGRASS™ is your dog’s friend. Synthetic grass is good for pets. Dogs love playing on it. Superior Drainage Performance means liquids drain away quickly and easily without leaving any smells or brown patches in the lawn. Poo can be picked up as you would with a real lawn and we offer a deodorising spray to disinfect the areas when necessary.
  • You will adore synthetic grass for its shock-absorbing qualities, providing a safer playing experience for your children. It’s so soft that tiny tots may even nap on it. Since it’s 100% weatherproof, your children can play outside much more often. Should you have playing equipment in your garden, or should you plan to install a swing, a slide, a climbing frame or a trampoline, then we can cut the artificial grass into any necessary shape.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your SMARTGRASS™ Fake Lawn in NZ

We strive to build an excellent relationship with you as our potential client. Our quote service is free and entails no obligations of any kind. Should you decide to choose us for your synthetic lawn’s installation, you can count on us from the moment you assign the work until its completion, and even after.

  • We know every aspect of synthetic grass and we have seen how it evolved from Astro-turf, which was an acceptable product, to high-quality and low-maintenance SMARTGRASS™.
  • Thanks to SMARTGRASS™’s versatility, this is often sufficient to enjoy your synthetic lawn for many years. While the product is exceedingly robust, accidents may happen within this time, or wear and tear may occur prematurely. Count on us for any necessary maintenance you may need including cleaning and sanitising, leaves removal, vacuuming up debris and grooming the grass.
  • One of the most frequent questions we receive about synthetic grass is whether you can still use your barbecue, grill or pizza oven safely. Will the grass catch fire, or will it melt? What happens to the synthetic lawn if it’s exposed to high temperatures? Is it true that mirrors act as a magnifier? We’ll supply you with clear do’s and don’ts to ensure your lawn’s safety for many years.

Would You Stand to Lose Anything If You Didn’t Use SynScape NZ for the Installation of Your Fake Lawn?

You’d miss out on a team of qualified and experienced installers who use specialised installation techniques, so that your lawn will look completely natural from the very first day. You’ll find no better company to offer you a tailored solution to landscaping your garden, customising your gym’s floor or renewing your company’s workplace. Your wallet will thank you, because we guarantee best value for money.

For a lawn with a natural appearance, that won’t fade, mat or curl, rely on SMARTGRASS™ and SynScape NZ, the leading installer of SMARTGRASS™ in New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 TURF NZ (0800 88 73 69) or to send us an e-mail if you have any questions, or for a free measure and quote. We are open seven days, and our service starts the moment we pick up the phone or read your e-mail.

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