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The Good Home Wigram


The Good Home Wigram

Local family bar and restaurant, The Good Home, wanted customers to feel right at home so they came to SmartGrass to resurface a concrete courtyard and make it more inviting.

Concrete courtyard transformed into a green oasis with SmartGrass

The challenge

The entrance to Good Home Wigram was paved with concrete, creating a harsh first impression for the family friendly restaurant. High foot traffic in this area meant that the turfing solution must be heavy duty and create a softer look to the outdoor seating area for patrons to enjoy.

The solution

SmartGrass’ Woodland 35 was the solution that was both heavy duty and visually appealing. Turf was applied directly to the pavers, making it a very cost effective transformation for the restaurant. The feel of the outdoor seating area is changed dramatically – going from harsh concrete to green oasis in just one day. Repeat customers of the Good Home Wigram commented on the transformation, saying the outdoor area and entrance is much better than before, and a pleasure to drink and dine in.

Products used

Woodland 35 Woodland 35

Woodland 35

For residential landscapes and retail areas.

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