SMARTGRASS™ comes in four high quality, durable surfaces for tennis.

All four are UV resistant and colourfast to stand the test of time in the New Zealand climate. SMARTGRASS™ is proud to offer a 10 year warranty on all of our tennis surfaces. We take our installs seriously. Our qualified installers use specialised installation techniques that exceed industry compliance meaning a SMARTGRASS™ installation looks perfect from day one.

We strive to build great relationships with our customers and our industry partners. We offer a free, no-obligation measure and quote service, carried out by a polite, friendly and professional member of our team.


All SMARTGRASS™ tennis surfaces are UV resistant, colourfast, free-draining, and safe for children and animals. We are proud to offer a 10 year warranty on all of our surfaces, and SMARTGRASS™ installations. Our surfaces come in Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

This variety of colours makes it possible to stitch and insert lines into your tennis court during the manufacture and installation stage, making them permanent. SMARTGRASS™ tennis surfaces usually require sand infill, and our installation team can alter the level of infill to increase or decrease the speed of your court.

Industry Compliance

  • Slip Resistance (BS7976)
  • Ease of Ignition (EN13501)
  • UV Defender
  • FIFA accredited
  • ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified


SMARTGRASS™ Championship is a top quality, all-weather tennis surface suitable for championship tennis, club and domestic-level play. This surface is a short, polypropylene fibrillated turf, certified by the International Tennis Federation as a medium-fast surface.


  • Pile Height: 12mm
  • Stitch Rate: 28/10cm


The latest and most advanced tennis surface that SMARTGRASS™ provides, SMARTGRASS™ Pro is a non-directional, durable and hard-wearing surface, engineered to create a smooth, fast surface. Providing a medium-fast ball speed that suits multi-sport play.


  • Pile Height: 13mm
  • Stitch Rate: 21/10cm


SMARTGRASS™ Match is a versatile all-weather surface. Its high-density stitch rate requires less sand infill than other surfaces. Durable and hard-wearing, this surface provides a medium speed playing surface.


  • Pile Height: 15mm
  • Stitch Rate: 15/10cm


SMARTGRASS™ Volley is a medium-density, longer turf proven as a great performer in New Zealand and Australia. SMARTGRASS™ Volley provides a medium playing surface, which is suitable for all age groups, making it perfect for school and tennis club installations.


  • Pile Height: 19mm
  • Stitch Rate: 15/10cm

10 Year

Our professional approach and superior product differentiates us from our competitors. SMARTGRASS™ comes from the world’s leading manufacturer and is protected by a 10 year Diamond Warranty.

Superior Drain

Designed with Superior Drain Performance, SMARTGRASS™ can tolerate large amounts of water. It’s slip resistant and water drains away quickly, making it superior to real grass.

UV Colour
Fade Protection

Added UV Colour Fade Protection ensures SMARTGRASS™ won’t fade or discolour. Specify SMARTGRASS™ with confidence, knowing it will look vibrant for years to come.

Stable Shape

With several natural colours interwoven, SMARTGRASS™ is the most realistic looking synthetic grass available. Stable Shape Technology ensures the grass bounces back after it’s walked on.
Choose SMARTGRASS™ for your next tennis resurfacing project.

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