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The Grass is Greener…

What is SmartGrass?

One of the hottest trends in landscaping, SmartGrass is a new type of artificial grass that is realistic, durable and environmentally friendly. We’re experts in artificial grass installation that looks and feels much more real than other artificial turf and fake grass products. Learn more about the synthetic grass that’s revolutionising lawn maintenance for NZ homeowners.

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Artificial grass Christchurch

What is SmartGrass for?

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SmartGrass is a versatile artificial lawn perfect for a range of applications, both residential and commercial. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be a tradeoff – you can get all the benefits of real grass with none of the hassle. Learn how SmartGrass can help you in ways other artificial turf products can’t. Join hundreds of other happy homeowners who have made the switch to using artificial grass in Christchurch and all across NZ.

The Artificial Grass Installation Experts

Kiwis are famous for our DIY skills, and plenty of our customers like to have a go at installing their artificial turf themselves – but for the rest, we offer an affordable and efficient artificial grass installation service.

SmartGrass is different from classic astro turf and other fake grass products – it’s easy to maintain and highly durable for the long term, able to stand up to the test of a wide range of weather conditions.