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Earth Series

Earth Series

Earth Series™ is the latest evolution in synthetic turf technology, created by SmartGrass for a better planet.

5x Faster Drainage

Earth Series™ synthetic grass drains 5x faster than regular artificial turf and even faster than real grass. With rain and dog pee disappearing quickly, you can make the most of your space and forget about muddy patches and bad smells.

100% Recyclable

20+ years into the future when it may need replacement, SmartGrass Earth Series™ can be 100% recycled. Other products go to landfill. Your environmental conscious will be clear.

Stronger Turflock

The yarn (blades of grass) are stitched into the backing in a unique pattern, making it three times stronger than any other artificial grass. This is ideal for high use areas and active dogs – so your new lawn stays looking amazing.

Ordinary artificial turfs have a problem

They have been made using a black latex material on the backing for around 40 years. Latex tends to degrade overtime, and can’t be recycled. Furthermore, latex does not allow water to drain, so special drainage holes need to be punched into it. These can clog up with sand, preventing drainage – not good if the dog pees on it!

The Earth Series™ solution

A new lighter, softer, but more durable backing has been created for the Earth Series™. This is made of UV stabilised polyethylene (the same material as the yarn), allowing it to be easily recycled. This backing is also fully permeable – almost like a fabric – which enables water, dog pee and moisture to drain straight through like a sieve.

This allows you to enjoy your lawn all the time, without drainage issues and bad dog pee smells.

The Earth Series™ Range

Oasis 35 Oasis 35

Oasis 35

An Earth Series grass. The most realistic.

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Retreat 40 Retreat 40

Retreat 40

An Earth Series grass. The longest and lushest.

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Grass that’s always greener

Earth Series™ has been designed to outlast other synthetic turfs and save both your time and the environmental costs associated with the maintenance of real grass in the long run.

Guaranteed for 10 years, Earth Series™ has UV Colour Fade Protection and a stronger binding to its triple layered backing.

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