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Unlock the Potential of your school’s outdoor spaces with SmartGrass™

Artificial grass and surface solutions for schools that take spaces and make them great places for students to connect and grow.

SmartGrass™ is a new type of artificial grass that is realistic, durable and eco-friendly.

Across New Zealand more and more education providers are throwing away their “Keep off the Grass” signs in favour of weather-proof, durable synthetic grass. SmartGrass has become so popular because it looks like the real thing, with none of the pitfalls of real grass.

What others are saying

Empowering Burnside High School

‘Our students, the community, our extracurricular sports, all get super value out of this, SmartGrass were magnificent to deal with. I’d recommend any school should look at SmartGrass for artificial turf”

Check out the video with Burnside’s Business Manager, Tom Music

Wairakei School – from mud to marvellous

‘We were so happy with the transformation of Wairakei School’s outdoor space from a muddy mess into a vibrant, versatile area that the students absolutely adore.’

Another Fantastic School Transformation with SmartGrass – St Joseph’s

A once lifeless quad at the heart of a busy classroom zone was completely transformed.
Dull, hard asphalt, with faded defined play areas and sports courts, has given way to a vibrant and engaging environment thanks to a custom SmartGrass quad featuring our Active 12 artificial turf and the school’s custom produced logo.

“Transforming our quadrangle with SmartGrass has made an incredible difference. The noise reduction was unexpected, and the new vibrant, usable, and safe space has given our school a fresh lease of life. It’s much more attractive for our students. The entire process with SmartGrass, from start to finish, was outstanding.”
Greg Brown, Deputy Principal, St Joseph’s

Landscape, sport and playground solutions:

SmartGrass™ offers a versatile range of landscaping, sporting and playground options and surfaces designed to cater to the diverse needs of schools in New Zealand. We appreciate that school students can greatly benefit from playground equipment, as well as access to various sports fields, including artificial turf multi-sport fields, to aid in their personal and team sport development.

Landscaping Grass

A popular maintenance buster for muddy solution for covering damaged asphalt, or a quick playground overhaul.

Popular Landscaping Products:

Sports Turf

Suitable for all kinds of sports. Ask us about our Multisport court design service and get the most out of your space.

Popular Sports Turf Products:

Playground Grass

Stronger than latex backed artificial grass, vibrant and soft while being hard wearing and resilient.

Popular playground Grass Products:

Create beautiful, safe and easy-care spaces for students to play and learn outside

Synthetic grass is a great choice for schools because it’s weather-proof, eco-friendly and durable enough for all kinds of sports.

SmartGrass provides a market leading 10 year full replacement warranty. Plus, SmartGrass is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. And board members love the sustainability of our artificial grass – unlike others, SmartGrass Earth Series is 100% recyclable.

Hear more about SmartGrass in schools: Game-Changing Transformation

A massive change for Middleton Grange School, upgrading its old tied asphalt sports surface to SmartGrass artificial grass.

Our commitment

At SmartGrass™, our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing exceptional artificial grass and sport turf. We pride ourselves on forging strong partnerships with New Zealand schools. We understand that each school is unique, with distinct needs focused on providing outstanding learning environments for students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to make a positive contribution to our communities.

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200+ projects completed for schools, preschools and universities, including:

Key Benefits of SmartGrass for Schools & Preschools


No dirt, mud or bark brought inside. No ruined clothing.


It’s non-slip and installed with a soft-fall underlay which protects from slips and falls.


SmartGrass can be used all year round, rain or shine.


It lasts longer than alternatives like bark or real grass & requires less maintenance.

Realistic Artificial Grass

Beautify your school

SmartGrass enhances the appearance of outdoor areas, adding vibrancy and colour that kids love.

SmartGrass is Suitable for a Range of Applications:

Quick playground overhaul
Weather-proof play areas
Cover damaged asphalt/concrete
Convert existing grass areas that struggle to grow
Soften lunch and common areas
Tennis, netball and multisport courts
Hockey fields and cricket wickets
Indoor sports and gymnasiums

Common Questions

Why choose SmartGrass over any other company?

  1. SmartGrass is the largest NZ owned and operated artificial grass company – you are dealing with experts.
  2. Custom options – You will receive a custom designed solution for your school, specific to your wants and needs. This includes custom colours, line markings, games and your school logo stitched into the turf.
  3. Best service – We make it easy for you – a one stop shop from a free design, to quoting, installing and aftercare.
  4. Best looking and longest lasting products – bringing better value long term to your school.
  5. The Ministry of Education’s most recent review of a $500k+ SmartGrass project was >94% – the highest ever awarded to the industry.

Why are so many schools around NZ starting to use artificial grass?

Artificial grass has come a long way since the old “Astroturf”. Its now made to look and feel like real grass. SmartGrass is suitable in areas that struggle to grow grass and turn to mud in the winter.

No more policing ‘keep off the grass’ this winter! Plus, it looks better than the real thing.

Sports courts are also a great way of resurfacing old asphalt areas, creating a new, vibrant play-space for everyone.

Can you do sports courts?

SmartGrass also does sports courts. There are a variety of products for different sports such as tennis, cricket and hockey. Best of all it comes in customisable colours and logo options to suit your school. You can even have your school logo stitched into the turf.

Ask us about our multisport court design service and get the most out of your space.

What are the most common applications for artificial grass in schools?

  • Playground overhaul – convert bark to SmartGrass with a soft fall underlay
  • Cover damaged asphalt and concrete
  • Convert existing grass areas that struggle to grow
  • Soften lunch and common areas
  • Tennis, netball and multisport courts
  • Hockey fields and cricket wickets
  • Indoor sports and gymnasiums

Where is SmartGrass based?

SmartGrass has offices and installation teams in Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland. We service schools nationwide, and have installations teams in most regions.

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