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Maintenance Guides

Artificial grass has risen in popularity because it saves a world of maintenance compared to real grass.

That said, like any outdoor surface (including concrete & pavers), there is some very minor and straightforward maintenance.

Keeping your lawn well maintained will help ensure it stands the test of time, typically around 20 years.

The following maintenance is required for typical residential use:


Keep leaves off the lawn

To prevent leaves from decomposing on your synthetic grass, use a leaf blower to remove fallen leaves. This works best on a dry day when there is less moisture on the grass. If you do not have a leaf blower, a plastic rake will do.

Pet Friendly

Clean up dog poo & pee

Picking up after your dog will prevent smells and marks on your grass. When necessary, hose the area and use our sanitiser spray to ensure the grass stays fresh and clean.

Realistic Artificial Grass

Sweep against the grain

If the lawn has had a lot of use, you can keep your grass standing upright by sweeping it against the grain with a stiff broom. This is not essential, as with moderate use the grass will rebound itself on warm days.

You might get a weed or two

Occasionally weeds will germinate in the sand layer on top of the grass, from windblown seeds or bird poo. Shaded & areas exposed to wind generally get a few weeds. The weeds only sit on top and aren’t growing through the grass from the ground. Remove weeds by picking them out, sweeping them out or by spraying weedkiller.

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Common maintenance questions

How do you cool down the lawn if it gets hot in the summer sun?

Artificial grass can get hot in the sun, as do other surfaces such as concrete. Ensuring the turf has the correct sand infill (which dissipates the heat into the ground) is the most important factor here to ensure it stays cool. By giving the lawn a quick spray with a hose on very hot days, you will instantly cool the turf. The sand retains the moisture for a few hours, which then evaporates to help dissipate heat.

What happens to artificial grass during a frost?

Nothing really changes, the grass will whiten over like real grass. It will not be damaged if it is used.

What do I do about grass flattening over in high use areas?

In high use areas artificial grass can track or flatten. In most cases the grass can be swept with a stiff broom to stand it back up. This is best done on a warm day.