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SmartGrass for

Home Owners

Imagine a perfect looking lawn all year round.
Without the hassle.

SmartGrass is synthetic grass reimagined & designed for modern living— ultra low maintenance, real looking, eco-friendly, pet and child friendly. Time to become the envy of the neighbourhood with your evergreen, immaculate lawn!

Key Benefits

Join the 1000s of happy SmartGrass customers throughout NZ

Super happy with our new lawn. No more need to move the caravan to mow the grass… and it looks so real! Highly recommend SmartGrass’s service and workmanship.

Rodney Pohio

Absolutely fabulous and all my friends are jealous! The guys did a fantastic job and lovely and friendly. Really thrilled!

Caroline Brown

Very pleased with the SmartGrass team. Professional and reliable. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again.

Bevan Hames

I am in love with my new lawn, it has transformed my back garden and looks amazing. The dog is very happy to have some grass as well. I would totally recommend SmartGrass to anyone.

Maree Luzak

Simply perfect if you…

  • Are downsizing
  • Have pets
  • Have a young family
  • Want an amazing landscape
  • Are building a new home
  • Want lawn consistency
  • Want to save money
  • Have a pool
  • Value your weekends!

Our 5 step installation

1. Excavation

The existing lawn, garden or stone is removed, typically to 70-100mm below the finished level. This leaves the hard ground below exposed.

2. Stabilisation & Drainage

The ground is compacted. A geocloth is laid which helps prevent undulation of the lawn as well as weeds. Drainage coil is laid in poor draining areas.

3. Base Construction

A timber or concrete edge is installed. The base is then built up to the finished level using crushed rock. This gets compacted and laser levelled.

4. Turf Installation

SmartGrass is laid on the crushed rock surface. This process involves cutting and joining the rolls of turf, then fastening it to the boxing and ground.

5. Infill & Grooming

The turf is groomed and a layer of sand is spread on top. The sand hides below the surface and helps the blades stand up. 

Prefer to DIY?

To ensure SmartGrass is installed correctly and looks the best, we highly recommend utilising our professional installers – it’s what they do, all day every day!

If you are a tradesperson yourself however, you may wish to DIY.

Common questions

What maintenance is required on artificial grass?

There are a few things you need to do to maintain your artificial lawn, depending on what you use your lawn for.

They are:

  1. Removing leaves and debris regularly with a broom or leaf blower/vac
  2. Remove the occasional weed that may appear
  3. Use a moss & sanitiser spray yearly in shaded areas
  4. You can learn more about maintenance and book a professional maintenance service here.

How is SmartGrass different to other turf?

SmartGrass Earth Series is 100% recyclable, and three times more durable. This means it lasts longer than any competitors’ products and carries a 10 year warranty.

SmartGrass has a range of turf that has been developed for high end residential homes instead of preschools. This is designed to look more like real grass.

SmartGrass Earth Series drains 5 times faster than other latex backed turf, which is essential in poor draining areas, and when dogs pee on it.

Who will install the grass for me?

Our local SmartGrass franchisee will usually be the one to install your lawn. They are professional turf installers (it’s all they do).

How long does artificial grass last?

SmartGrass has a 10 year warranty, however in many applications it will last 15-20 years with regular maintenance. This is the same as our high performance sports turfs, which have up to 40 hours of use a week for 15 years.

How much does SmartGrass cost?

Contact us for a ballpark estimate over the phone or a measure & quote at home.

Artificial grass itself is priced per square metre (typically between $45-80/m2 +gst depending on the type), however the cost of the installation depends on a few factors.

A professional installation that is 30-100m2 in size typically costs (for the supply and installation of the grass):

  • $120-180/m2 for direct installation to a prepared base, concrete, patios, decks and balconies.
  • $180-$280/m2 for converting an existing lawn (i.e. the full excavation, base construction, supply and installation of artificial grass).

Small areas (under 30m2) tend to cost approx. $300-$450/m2. Areas over 100m2 will benefit from scale of economies.

For comparison, SmartGrass does cost significantly more than a real lawn up front, but saves you thousands in maintenance costs long term. Per square metre, fully installed, SmartGrass is a similar cost to paving /outdoor tiles. SmartGrass is about half the cost of Kwila decking. A lot of the investment is associated with removing the exisiting lawn and then preparing a base for the SmartGrass – this ensures your lawn will properly drain and still look perfect for years to come.

The above figures are ballparks only. When we visit you we will assess your requirements and provide you a bespoke proposal which includes pricing for your custom solution. There are 23 factors that we consider to determine the cost of your installation which include things like the product you choose, your location, shape of the area, technicality of the install, access to site and the base preparation requirements.


Barbara & Pete

landscaped this new build to perfection!

Cindy & Marc

transformed a patchy lawn to a pet friendly oasis

Margaret Hansen

has more time to enjoy her retirement

Jacquie Patton

solved her ‘small lawn, big hassle’ problem

“Taking away the hassle of a real lawn gives you more time back, and one less chore to think about.”

– Barbara & Pete

Kennedy’s Bush

“I’d recommend SmartGrass to anyone who wants more time and more use of their outdoor area.”

– Cindy & Marc


We’ve got it maintenance free so we can enjoy our lifestyle

– Margaret Hansen


It just makes it easy to lock up and leave and go away.

– Jacquie Patton


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