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SmartGrass for

Dog Owners


Is patchy grass causing you frustration?

Pet owners don’t need to compromise on an amazing lawn.

SmartGrass is the solution loved by dogs — and even more by their owners! Our unique, quick-draining product converts your muddy & patchy lawn into an evergreen oasis. Permanently.

“There’s no doubt it’s the best thing we ever did for our lifestyle,” Cindy Mendonca

Top 5 reasons why SmartGrass is perfect for pets

Realistic Artificial Grass

No more brown patches!

The #1 solution to eradicate patchy lawn – forever!

Dogs can’t dig through it

Totally dig-proof – or your money back!

No muddy paw prints!

No more mud. Keep your pet, deck and carpet clean!

Pet Friendly

Dogs love the feel

SmartGrass feels like real grass, your dog will love it!

Easy poo pick-up

Forget overgrown grass & dreaded landmines!

Simply the best product for dogs

Some artificial grasses get smelly because of the dog pee. Our Earth Series range doesn’t – it’s 5x faster draining than any other artificial grass in New Zealand! This means dog pee disappears quickly, reducing any bad smells. 

All of our Earth Series products are suitable for dogs, as are our shorter pile turfs, as they are easy to keep clean. 

How it works

Your existing lawn is dug out and replaced with a layer of free draining compacted rock. SmartGrass is then laid over this permeable base, and dressed with a layer of very fine sand.

The sand that is spread on top of the grass has two jobs:

  1. This sand (called “sand infill”) sits between the grass blades and weighs down the lawn – it also makes it impossible for dogs to dig through, because it locks in place.
  2. It stops any dog poo or debris getting stuck between the blades of grass making it easy to pick up.

SmartGrass is installed on a base of compacted rock – similar to what is underneath pavers. This is free draining (so the dog pee disappears), and because it is strong, the base won’t undulate overtime (unlike a real lawn).

Dog poo is easy to pick up and the grass can be hosed if required. We recommend using SmartGrass Turf Care Spray after picking up after your dog, as it has an enzyme that breaks down anything you miss. This also sanitises the lawn.

Join other dog owners who now have immaculate lawns

Urban Upgrade in Merivale: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners
Urban Upgrade in Merivale: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Dogs, Home

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For Cindy and Marc Mendonca, the decision to invest in an artificial lawn was not taken lightly. They wanted to create a dog friendly easy care garden space that served many purposes, all-year-round.

Dog Damaged Lawn
Dog Damaged Lawn

Dogs, Home

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This family’s pet took a significant toll on their lawn. Two days was all it took to transform this dog damaged lawn into a fabulous frontyard.

The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel
The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel

Commercial, Dogs

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The Dog Bach installed SmartGrass to transform their terraced group play area into an easy-to-clean lawn for their canine clientele to rest and play.

The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel offers a first class service for their overnight guests but the outdoor area was patchy, muddy and messy. The dogs don’t mind, but mud gets tracked inside creating more work for staff.

Long lasting, hard wearing turf that looks great was a must-have. SmartGrass is easy to clean, fast draining and dogs can’t dig through it. On rainy days the dogs stay nice and clean as there is no more mud that can be tracked around. On sunny days SmartGrass is a nice soft surface for dogs to sleep on, and the blades pop back up afterwards.


What’s the next step?


Get in touch with us by calling, emailing or through the form below.


We come and measure your lawn, answer your questions, and leave you with samples


We email you a project assessment & proposal to transform your lawn, with finance options. You decide if SmartGrass is right for you.


SmartGrass carries out the full installation of your new lawn – usually taking a couple of days


Congratulations – You’ll never worry about your lawn again!

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Common questions

How is SmartGrass different to other artificial grass?

Our Earth Series range is the only artificial grass in New Zealand fully suitable for dogs, because of its drainage performance. Exclusively supplied by SmartGrass, it is extremely realistic, extremely durable and is also fully recyclable.

How does SmartGrass drain?

SmartGrass has fantastic ‘vertical drainage’. This means that water doesn’t run off it horizontally, it drains straight through it.

The backing of our Earth Series products is fully permeable, so water drains through like a sieve. The base under the turf also drains quickly as it is constructed of a free-draining rock.

Will dog pee stain the SmartGrass?

No – Dog pee contains a strong concentration of nitrogen, which can kill real grass (causing ‘burnt’ patches). SmartGrass is made of polyethylene, which is chemically intert and unaffected by dog pee.

How do you pick up dog poo / keep it clean?

We recommend picking up dog poo daily, then spot spraying our lawn sanitiser spray. This has an enzyme which breaks down any bits you’ve missed and keeps the lawn clean.

Runny dog poo can be easily picked up using paper towels. The lawn can be hosed off if required, then spot sprayed with our enzyme spray.

Will the grass get smelly because of the dog pee?

While it is very unlikely that your lawn will smell because of SmartGrass’ fantastic drainage properties, occasionally there may be an unpleasant smell if you have dogs toileting on it regularly and there has been a lack of rain. The urea present in dog pee can lead to a smell as it can be influenced by multiple factors such as diet or medications. To help combat the odour, we suggest hosing the lawn often to flush away accumulated dog pee. Depending on the frequency of dog use or the number of dogs, more frequent rinsing may be necessary. Additionally, using our sanitiser spray can help sanitise and clean the lawn which will contribute to a fresher outdoor environment.

My dog likes to dig, will this be a problem?

No – Even dogs notorious for digging can’t! The sand layer on top prevents the dogs from being able to dig through, and the grass is fastened around the edges so cannot be ripped up.

Dogs tend to dig because of smells in the soil; SmartGrass is installed on top of a rock base (not soil), so there’s little incentive for them to dig!

I have big dogs – will they destroy my SmartGrass?

No – SmartGrass for pets has the same durable blade technology that we used on our sports fields (that get heavy use from sports players daily for up to 20 years).

5 Star Review

We have found SmartGrass to be very efficient and we love the final result. We have a female dog who has ruined two beautiful real grass lawns, peeing on it, leaving it burnt.

SmartGrass has given us a new outside living area. I would certainly recommend SmartGrass to you.

Ann Brokenshire

via Google

5 Star Review

We’re amazed with our new SmartGrass! Our new puppy had destroyed the lawn with its pee patches – Now it looks perfect all year round.

And its so easy to keep clean… every dog owner NEEDS this stuff!

James Ryder

via Facebook

5 Star Review

The SmartGrass team are incredible. The process was incredibly easy, and the results outstanding. We have our own 2 retired racing Greyhounds alongside foster dogs who had destroyed our little patch of lawn with their zoomies.

Now we have a beautiful forever green lawn which they cannot destroy and we couldn’t be any happier! Thanks Jack and the team.

Karen Davies

via Google

5 Star Review

Best decision we have made, our garden looks neat, clean and the work was carried out efficiently by Glen and his team. Our dog especially likes the SmartGrass.

Lynette Sessa

via Google

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