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Urban Upgrade in Merivale: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners


Urban Upgrade in Merivale: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

For Cindy and Marc Mendonca, the decision to invest in an artificial lawn was not taken lightly. They wanted to create a dog friendly easy care garden space that served many purposes, all-year-round.

Transforming Backyards into Happy Havens – ‘the best thing we ever did’

Project Overview

In the heart of Merivale in Christchurch, busy couple Cindy and Marc Mendonca faced a common challenge—how to maximize the potential of their small backyard while accommodating the needs of their beloved labradoodle, Alfie.

The Challenge

With a narrow 10m-wide section, the existing landscape contributed to a cramped feeling, making the outdoor space uninviting. Alfie, the energetic labradoodle, added another layer of complexity with brown spots on the natural lawn and muddy paw prints trailing onto the deck and inside the house. The outdoor space, meant for enjoyment and entertainment, fell short of meeting the family’s expectations.

The SmartGrass solution

Enter SmartGrass—the perfect solution to Marc and Cindy’s outdoor dilemmas. Collaborating with Craig Wilson of Form Garden Architecture, SmartGrass redefined the landscape. The new design not only expanded the lawn area by remodeling the garden edging but also created the illusion of more space, turning a confined yard into an inviting oasis.

The low-maintenance, dog-friendly, and durable features of SmartGrass became the cornerstone of this transformation. Alfie’s playful antics no longer left muddy imprints, and the once-uninviting yard became a haven for family and friends. The enduring benefits of SmartGrass ensured that this upgrade wasn’t just a seasonal change but a long-lasting investment in the quality of outdoor living.

“There’s no doubt it’s the best thing we ever did for our lifestyle,” says Cindy. ”It looks so natural and fits in so well with the rest of our garden. Often our friends don’t realise its SmartGrass and many of them have dogs so we can entertain them without panicking that they’ll destroy the lawn; it creates a social environment for the dogs as well.”

Cindy says SmartGrass has transformed their outdoor space into a year-round, easy care sanctuary great for entertaining.

“And a happy dog means happy owners.”

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Oasis 35

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