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Smart-Fill Sand


Smart-Fill Sand

Sand infill is a kiln dried silica sand which comes in 25kg bags. It is spread on top of artificial grass in outdoor areas.

There are several reasons for the sand including:

  • Sand helps weigh down the carpet, which is part of how it is fastened.
  • Sand helps support the yarn (blades of grass) to stand up, which makes it look more realistic.
  • The sand infill keeps the grass clean by blocking leaves, debris and dog poo from getting stuck amongst the yarn.
  • The sand protects the backing from UV exposure, and helps conduct the heat out of the grass and into the base.
  • The grass is designed to have sand spread on it, which helps deepen the colour to make it look more real.

Infill should be applied with a sand spreader, to achieve even application.

Product NameSMARTFILL SAND (25kg bag)
DescriptionTurf Infill
UsesHelps grass stand up. Brings out the colour; giving a natural appearance. Stops debris from settling into backing. Weights it down.
Coverage0-12.5kg/sqm depending on turf