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Smart-Fill Sand


Smart-Fill Sand

Smart-Fill Sand is a kiln dried silica sand that is spread on top of artificial grass in outdoor areas.

Why is sand infill spread over SmartGrass?

Sand infill is often considered the most important part of the installation as it has so many functions, such as:

  • Helping to weigh down the turf, which is part of how it is fastened.
  • Helping to support the yarn (blades of grass) to stand up, which makes it look more realistic.
  • Keeping the grass clean by blocking leaves, debris and dog poo from getting stuck amongst the yarn.
  • Protecting the backing from UV exposure, and helping to conduct the heat out of the grass and into the base.
  • Deepening the colour of the grass blades to make the lawn look more real.

Infill should be applied with a sand spreader, to achieve even application.

Product NameSmart-Fill Sand (25kg bag)
DescriptionTurf Infill
UsesHelps grass stand up. Brings out the colour, giving a natural appearance. Stops debris from settling into backing. Weights it down.
Coverage0-12.5kg/sqm depending on turf

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