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What is SmartGrass?

SmartGrass is a new type of artificial grass that is realistic, durable and environmentally friendly.

Real grass can be a hassle with constant mowing, maintenance, mud and weeds. SmartGrass is the long lasting alternative – giving you an enduring outdoor living space you can feel proud of.

Astroturf, reimagined

SmartGrass is constructed with up to six different natural coloured blades. These are as long as 40mm, giving a luxurious look and feel (even with the brown bits!)

SmartGrass is not like the old ‘astroturf’ – in fact you’ve probably seen SmartGrass without realising, because it appears so real.

Top 8 Reasons Kiwis love SmartGrass

Looks great all year round
Less maintenance time
Pet and child friendly
Get more out of your area
So many places to use it
Created for kiwi conditions
Increase your property value
Up to 10 year warranty

A Quick Comparison

SmartGrassReal GrassConcrete
Soft to touch?YesYesNo
Usable all year round?YesNoYes
Low maintenance?YesNoYes
Fast draining?YesNoNo
Suitable for dogs?YesNoNo
Suitable for playing?YesYesNo
Natural looking?YesYesNo

Super happy with our new lawn. No more need to move the caravan to mow the grass… and it looks so real! Highly recommend SmartGrass’s service and workmanship.

Rodney Pohio


Common questions

Who is doing it?

  • Busy people who have less time to maintain a good lawn
  • People who love to keep their property looking great
  • Dog owners that are looking for a long term solution to brown patches
  • Homeowners looking to extend their outdoor area, and want to use their space all year round
  • People building new or renovating their landscape

Is SmartGrass popular?

SmartGrass is the latest evolution of synthetic grass and now looks and feels so real. This is why so many people such as homeowners, schools and businesses see the value.

New sections are getting smaller, and so are the lawns. For many Kiwis, SmartGrass is the answer to minimising the hassle of mowing and maintaining such small areas.

How is artificial grass installed?

It can be used to retrofit an exisiting lawn or laid onto concrete, decks, butynol and many other surfaces. It comes on rolls (similar to carpet), and is usually laid by a specialist installer.

When we retrofit an existing lawn, the grass and soil is removed. SmartGrass is laid on a compacted rock base with great drainage properties (it is not laid on soil).

What is the average sized installation?

We install lawns as small as a few square metres, up to international grade sports fields with our sports products. No area is too small.

The average residential installation is around 20-200m2 for a lawn, and 500-600m2 for a tennis court.

How much does SmartGrass cost?

Contact us for a ballpark estimate over the phone or a measure & quote at home.

Artificial grass itself is priced per square metre (typically between $45-80/m2 +gst depending on the type), however the cost of the installation depends on a few factors.

A professional installation that is 30-100m2 in size typically costs (for the supply and installation of the grass):

  • $120-180/m2 for direct installation to a prepared base, concrete, patios, decks and balconies.
  • $180-$280/m2 for converting an existing lawn (i.e. the full excavation, base construction, supply and installation of artificial grass).

Small areas (under 30m2) tend to cost approx. $300-$450/m2. Areas over 100m2 will benefit from scale of economies.

For comparison, SmartGrass does cost significantly more than a real lawn up front, but saves you thousands in maintenance costs long term. Per square metre, fully installed, SmartGrass is a similar cost to paving /outdoor tiles. SmartGrass is about half the cost of Kwila decking. A lot of the investment is associated with removing the exisiting lawn and then preparing a base for the SmartGrass – this ensures your lawn will properly drain and still look perfect for years to come.

The above figures are ballparks only. When we visit you we will assess your requirements and provide you a bespoke proposal which includes pricing for your custom solution. There are 23 factors that we consider to determine the cost of your installation which include things like the product you choose, your location, shape of the area, technicality of the install, access to site and the base preparation requirements.

What is SmartGrass made of?

Most SmartGrass is made of UV stabilised polyethylene. This is a very durable recyclable plastic that is resistant to fading and stains.

What is SmartGrass for?

Learn More

SmartGrass is a versatile artificial lawn perfect for a range of applications, both residential and commercial. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be a tradeoff – you can get all the benefits of real grass with none of the hassle. Learn how SmartGrass can help you in ways other artificial turf products can’t. Join hundreds of other happy homeowners who have made the switch to using artificial grass in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and all across NZ.