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Turf Care Spray


Turf Care Spray

This triple-action spray sanitises, deodorises and eradicates moss from your lawn.

Use SmartGrass Turf Care Spray to sanitise your lawn and eradicate moss to keep it fresh and clean

The active ingredient in SmartGrass Turf Care Spray works to eradicate moss and break down bacteria and odour from dog poo and pee. It is completely child and pet safe.

We recommend applying this to your lawn twice annually, and more frequently if it is used by dogs.

Our spray is supplied in 2L turbo spray bottles which connect easily to your garden hose, for quick and effortless application. You can also mix the concentrate with water in an ordinary spray bottle to spot spray affected areas after your pet has done their business.

Each bottle will cover approx. 120-200sqm.

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