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Artificial Grass Tauranga

The ultimate dream is a backyard with lush, green grass that you don’t have to maintain or look after.

What if you could find synthetic grass that looks and feels completely real? SmartGrass is making that a reality, providing top quality installations of realistic artificial grass in Tauranga.

SmartGrass is a weatherproof synthetic grass that requires next to no maintenance. It’s easy to install at your home and can cope with both the Tauranga sun in summer and the cooler winter months.

You may remember the harsh feel and fake look of Astroturf when you think of synthetic grass, but SmartGrass is nothing like that. It is far superior to other brands of artificial grass due to its authentic look and feel.

To install artificial grass at your Tauranga home, give SmartGrass a call today on 0800 TURF NZ – 0800 887 369. Speak to one of our helpful team members, and we can offer you a completely no-obligation quote as well as some advice on your lawn.

What is SmartGrass for?

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SmartGrass is a versatile artificial lawn perfect for a range of applications, both residential and commercial. Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be a tradeoff – you can get all the benefits of real grass with none of the hassle. Learn how SmartGrass can help you in ways other artificial turf products can’t. Join hundreds of other happy homeowners who have made the switch to using artificial grass in Tauranga and all across NZ.

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