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Installed under the artificial turf base to ensure stability and longevity of the area.

GeoCloth is installed underneath the aggregate layer that forms the base, to ensure your turf remains level over time.

GeoCloth is also used in the construction of roads and house foundations. GeoCloth has some very important functions. 

Firstly, GeoCloth acts as a separation layer between the ground substrate (soil or clay), and the aggregate base. This prevents subsidence of the base over time, as the aggregate cannot penetrate the cloth. 

Secondly, the GeoCloth acts as a weed barrier and prevents mud from coming up through the base overtime. 

Product NameGeoCloth
DescriptionHeavy duty polypropylene geotextile cloth
UsesPrevents weeds growing through base. Stabilises ground to prevent subsidence.
Coverage3.8m rolls sold to the nearest lineal meter. Covers full sqm of area.

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