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SmartGrass has been a buzzword in the building industry during 2020. More clients are looking to enjoy their new build instead of maintaining it – we help you deliver on that.

SmartGrass has a multitude of applications, from luxury lawns to sports courts and covering butanol balconies. Builders partner with SmartGrass because of the product quality, value for money and expertise we provide.

Top Reasons Kiwi Builders Love SmartGrass

A unique selling point

We take care of the installation for you.

Realistic Artificial Grass

A permanently amazing landscape

Make every home your show home – The landscape will always look amazing.

A new revenue source

Artificial Grass is another weapon in your arsenal, giving you the power to get more jobs.

Happier customers

Our premium product, backup and support gives you an edge, and more repeat business.


How to get SmartGrass in your next project


Give us a call or email with your requirements


We’ll visit the site to measure up the area to quote


We provide a quote and samples for you or your client


You construct a sub-base for the grass, or we do it for you


Specialist turf installers complete the installation to enhance your project

Popular Services for Builders

All materials can be freighted to your worksite, or you can pickup from our Christchurch or Auckland warehouse.

Supply, Install and Base Prep

Grow your business faster. Sub us take care of your full turf project, giving you more time to do what you do best. Full 10 Year warranty provided. Popular service for expert landscapers with discerning clients.

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Supply and Install

We give you instructions for the base preparation. Our specialist installers will then come and install SmartGrass onto the base, for a perfect result. No hassle, no visible joins, no guesswork. Your clients satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Supply only

Most common for landscapers with small installations, who’ve successfully installed artificial turf before. Premium product, fast delivery and we supply everything you need to do an amazing job.

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Common Builder Questions

Is artificial grass popular?

Artificial grass has become the biggest trend in landscaping over the past decade. The main reason is because the grass has come a long way from how it used to look and feel.

Can I install artificial grass myself (DIY)?

It is possible to install artificial grass yourself, however having artificial turf professionally installed may save you money in the long run. Builders will often prepare the base, and get the turf professionally installed.

You can learn exactly how to DIY install your artificial grass here.

How much does SmartGrass cost?

A professional installation under 100m2 typically costs:

From $70/m2 for direct installation to a prepared base, concrete, patios, decks and balconies.
$120-$200/m2 (similar to the cost of decorative concrete or pavers). This includes the excavation, base construction, supply and installation of artificial grass.

The cost depends on factors such as site access, shape of the area, the existing ground substrate, and the product you choose. Contact us for a ballpark estimate or quote.

Can dogs poo / pee on artificial grass?

Yes! SmartGrass Earth Series has a special drainage system which allows the dog pee to disappear quickly, so it is pet friendly.

How is SmartGrass installed?

After you complete the site scrape, we will box the area and base up with AP20 & crusher dust. The grass comes in rolls (like carpet) and is then installed on the base. It can also be laid onto concrete, decks, butanol and many other surfaces.

How is artificial grass fastened / held down?

SmartGrass is either glued around the perimeter to concrete, or nailed to a timber boxing. When laid on an AP20 / crusher-dust base, 130mm turf pins will secure the turf to the base. Sand infill is usually spread on top of the turf at 12kg/m2 which helps weigh it down.

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