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Elevate your putting game!


Elevate your putting game!

Discover how SmartGrass transformed a homeowner’s ordinary lawn into a custom putting green with a beautiful landscaping fringe, creating the ultimate golf practice area.

Transforming Ordinary Lawn into a Golfer’s Dream: A Custom Putting Green Surrounded by Lush SmartGrass

The motivation

These homeowners, residing on the Clearwater Golf Course, had an underutilised, ordinary lawn that served merely as an aesthetic feature. With a passion for golf and a desire to enhance their putting skills, they opted for the SmartGrass treatment and transformed their backyard with a high-quality putting green, perfectly complementing their golf course property.

Putting greens can incorporate various features, such as mounds, sand bunkers, and numerous holes. However, this project aimed for a minimalist design that would blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural landscape. As a result, the homeowners chose to include only two holes in their custom putting green.

The solution

We designed and installed a custom putting green that has provided endless hours of enjoyment, reduced maintenance, and added both value and visual appeal to their property. Our specialised artificial grass, specifically designed for putting greens, ensures a smooth, even surface that closely resembles professional golf courses, allowing the homeowners to hone their putting skills in their own backyard.

To elevate the visual appeal and functionality of the space, we surrounded the putting green with a 35mm landscaping SmartGrass fringe. With SmartGrass, the homeowners achieved the perfect balance between form and function, enjoying an exceptional golf experience amidst a stunning outdoor setting.

Products incorporated on this project

Oasis 35 Oasis 35

Oasis 35

An Earth Series grass. The most realistic.

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Active 12 Active 12

Active 12

For cricket, multisport, golf, fast-paced tennis.

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