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Luxury Meets Practicality


Luxury Meets Practicality

SmartGrass added significant value to a homeowners outdoor space and provided a seamless flow from their main lounge and living area.

The Ultimate Artificial Grass Installation in Clearwater, Christchurch

It’s all too common, two untouched lawns, often patchy and usually kept wet due to regular irrigation, meaning they are under-utilised and add little to no value to outdoor living. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? This was precisely the case for one of our clients at Clearwater, in Christchurch. They needed a solution that added value to their outdoor space and could provide a seamless flow from their main lounge and living area.

Why SmartGrass

Our client’s primary issue was their grassy areas failed to add any aesthetic or functional value to the property. The lawns required persistent maintenance and watering, so our customer opted for the most realistic looking artificial grass available in New Zealand, Oasis 35.    

It’s so convincing that a simple sweep with a stiff broom creates ‘mowing stripes,’ fooling many into believing it’s natural grass. In addition to the landscaping grass, we added a golf putting green, elevating the outdoor living experience to the next level.

The SmartGrass Experience

The process was as seamless as the final product looks. Once the putting green design was approved, the entire installation was completed within just five days. The project had some challenging levels to work with so the project plan included a new edging that was installed and some mounding of the base to elevate the green out of the ground.

The Unique Twist: An Elevated Putting Green

While Oasis 35 was ideal for the landscaping grass, it was the addition of a golf putting green that really turned heads. Elevated about 60 mm from the ground and sloping up from adjacent concrete, the putting green brings a 3D effect that serves as a feature in the landscape, making it more than just a functional area.

Benefits & Customer Feedback

Our client couldn’t be happier with their decision. Now, they have two perfect-looking lawns that require zero maintenance and can be used year-round. The putting green has not only enhanced the outdoor aesthetic but has also become a fantastic entertaining space for guests.


SmartGrass’s high-end artificial grass installations provide more than just a good-looking lawn; they offer a lifestyle change. With minimal maintenance and year-round usability, you get to enjoy your outdoor spaces like never before. Whether you’re in Christchurch or anywhere in New Zealand, SmartGrass can make your luxury outdoor dreams a reality.

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Products incorporated on this project

Oasis 35 Oasis 35

Oasis 35

An Earth Series grass. The most realistic.

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Active 12 Active 12

Active 12

For cricket, multisport, golf, fast-paced tennis.

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