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The grass is always greener

Laying an artificial lawn can be the key to achieving a beautiful new look for your home and can even encourage you to change your lifestyle for the better.

A beautiful lawn can be an elusive goal for homeowners.

Keeping up with the constant mowing, weeding and fertilising is inconvenient at the best of times, and this is why more and more people are turning to artificial grass. Aside from the occasional brushing and rinsing, artificial grass maintains its look, colour and feel all year round, making deciding to go with a synthetic lawn the natural choice.

SmartGrass works with custom made quality turf, imported from the best manufacturer of turf in the world. It is very long-lasting and softer than other materials on the market. What’s great about this material is that at the end of its lifetime it can be recycled using a specialist facility. And with a range of eight kinds of grasses to choose from, it’s easy to achieve a look that’s fit for purpose with SmartGrass.

“There are several different factors to consider when choosing the right grass for you,” says Jack. “How the grass in your lawn will be used, the environment in which you live, and the look you hope to achieve with your artificial grass.”

Jack goes on to explain that most of his customers are busy people who have a beautiful home which they always want to look good, inside and out.

“Many customers have busy family lives and children who want to play sports outside all year round. We appreciate that playing football in winter on the mud is no good for a conventional lawn. And with dogs in the picture too, it very quickly becomes a mud-fest. The great thing about SmartGrass is that the lawn will always be suitable for playing sports on, and with the short blades, draining and cleaning pet messes is really easy.”

Jack Kennedy

But there’s also the question of durability and Jack says that’s where artificial turf has advanced so much in the last decade. “Depending on the thickness of the blade and the density of the grass that you choose, and the amount of usage it gets, these turfs can easily last twenty years,” says Jack. “We offer a ten-year warranty on our Earth Series range, which has a permeable triple-layer backing meaning it drains faster and is much stronger than other products.”

The longevity of SmartGrass lawn is also due to the care that goes into the preparation of the site.

SmartGrass work hard to excavate the site first, then box it up and install crushed and compacted rock to create a solid base that doesn’t sag. With several years of experience laying hundreds of lawns and sports areas all over Christchurch, you can be sure that the team at SmartGrass know what they are doing.

And customers rave about it. “I’ve got my weekends back,” smiles Lorraine Herles from Harewood. “No more muddy dog footprints around the house after they’ve come in from the garden, and no lawn mowing. It’s made our outdoor space into a sanctuary, rather than a chore.”

More and more Kiwis are choosing SmartGrass to create their easy-care, peaceful outdoor zone – a space to kick back and enjoy the summer.

Originally appeared in Abode Magazine