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SmartGrass for

Commercial Projects

Attract new customers to your business, retail store, cafe, restaurant or bar with a well-presented business frontage

Is old concrete, cracked pavers, or a patchy lawn letting down the first impression of your premises? SmartGrass will transform your space into a functional area that looks amazing. It’s ultra low maintenance, and can be installed anywhere imaginable from roadside to rooftop.

Top Reasons Kiwi Businesses Love SmartGrass

Attract new customers and increase revenue

Save Time

Reduce time and money spent on maintenance

Outdoor Living

Transform an area, and it will be used more

Better atmosphere for staff and customers

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Join other Kiwi businesses who have created more attractive premises and boosted sales

The Big Grin Orthodontists
The Big Grin Orthodontists


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When your premises are on the corner of a busy intersection, all eyes are on you.

We transformed the unlandscaped frontage of this eye-catching healthcare centre on one of Christchurch’s busiest streets.

The realistic colour of SmartGrass means that it always looks striking against the black backdrop of the building. It is evergreen and won’t be impacted by the summer sun or winter weather. Read More

Gym Expansion
Gym Expansion

Commercial, Gyms

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To deal with the constant increase in membership numbers, Industrial Fitness owner Braden got in touch with SmartGrass to expand his gym’s usable space.

Airport Security Dog Run
Airport Security Dog Run

Commercial, Dogs

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When the Dog Control Unit was set to move in early 2020, City Care called on SmartGrass to turf the outdoor holding area which would house the Dog Security Division.

300+ projects completed for Kiwi businesses, including:

Simply perfect for

  • Shop frontage
  • Beer gardens
  • Dining areas
  • Rooftops and balconies
  • Covering decks + patios
  • Staff break areas
  • Covering concrete + pavers
  • Floors + walls
  • Converting garden area
  • Shop windows or displays

Common Questions

Can artificial grass be laid indoors?

Yes! Artificial grass is just like carpet, and can be laid indoors. Most of our products have a D or E class fire rating, meaning that they can usually be used indoors.

Who will install the grass for me?

Our local SmartGrass franchisee will usually be the one to install your lawn. They are professional turf installers (it’s all they do).

How much does SmartGrass cost?

Contact us for a ballpark estimate over the phone or a measure & quote at home.

Artificial grass itself is priced per square metre (typically between $45-80/m2 +gst depending on the type), however the cost of the installation depends on a few factors.

A professional installation that is 30-100m2 in size typically costs (for the supply and installation of the grass):

  • $120-180/m2 for direct installation to a prepared base, concrete, patios, decks and balconies.
  • $180-$280/m2 for converting an existing lawn (i.e. the full excavation, base construction, supply and installation of artificial grass).

Small areas (under 30m2) tend to cost approx. $300-$450/m2. Areas over 100m2 will benefit from scale of economies.

For comparison, SmartGrass does cost significantly more than a real lawn up front, but saves you thousands in maintenance costs long term. Per square metre, fully installed, SmartGrass is a similar cost to paving /outdoor tiles. SmartGrass is about half the cost of Kwila decking. A lot of the investment is associated with removing the exisiting lawn and then preparing a base for the SmartGrass – this ensures your lawn will properly drain and still look perfect for years to come.

The above figures are ballparks only. When we visit you we will assess your requirements and provide you a bespoke proposal which includes pricing for your custom solution. There are 23 factors that we consider to determine the cost of your installation which include things like the product you choose, your location, shape of the area, technicality of the install, access to site and the base preparation requirements.

How long does artificial grass last?

SmartGrass has a 10 year warranty, however in many applications it will last 15-20 years with regular maintenance. This is the same as our high performance sports turfs, which have up to 40 hours of use a week for 15 years.

Can I put furniture, trampolines or pools on artificial grass?

Yes! As long as there are no sharp or high pressure points, heavy objects can be used on artificial grass.

Is artificial grass flammable?

SmartGrass is constructed using fire retardant materials. It is code compliant and has a fire rating certificate, meaning it can be used indoors. Fire is highly unlikely in the event a cigarette butt lands on the grass, however we recommend to keep any flames away from artificial grass.

How do you clean artificial grass?

  • A leaf blower/vac is ideal for removing debris from your lawn
  • Dog poo and other foreign objects should be removed manually, then sprayed with a suitable lawn sanitiser spray
  • You can hose down your lawn with water if needed
  • You can learn more about maintenance, sanitiser spray, and book a professional maintenance service here.

Does artificial grass stain?

SmartGrass won’t stain or discolour if red wine is spilt, or if a dog pees on it. We advise against using any chemicals on or around it that contain bleach.

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