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The Big Grin Orthodontists


The Big Grin Orthodontists

When your premises is on the corner of a busy intersection, all eyes are on you.

We transformed the unlandscaped frontage of this eye-catching healthcare centre on one of Christchurch’s busiest streets.

The challenge

Our client’s award-winning architectural build was unlandscaped for several months after construction was complete. The mound along the street-facing side of the building was a mess of dirt and weeds.

This reduced the overall wow-factor of the rest of the property that the client desired of their impressive new facility.

The Solution

The dirt mound was removed by SmartGrass installers and a solid aggregate base was put in. They installed Oasis 35 to transform the garden into a low maintenance area.

The realistic colour of SmartGrass means that it always looks striking against the black backdrop of the building. It is evergreen and won’t be impacted by the summer sun or winter weather.

Our client can maintain a clean, professional image and rest assured knowing that the front lawn won’t turn to bald spots when pedestrians cut across the lawn.

This property also has no requirements for an irrigation system. Ongoing garden maintenance and lawn mowing costs will also be significantly less with a SmartGrass lawn.

Products used

Oasis 35 Oasis 35

Oasis 35

An Earth Series grass. The most realistic.

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