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Goodbye to Paw Prints & Mud: Wellington Family’s Life Transformed


Goodbye to Paw Prints & Mud: Wellington Family’s Life Transformed

In Wellington, a family’s battle with a muddy lawn with two dogs at home has a common ring to it.


In Wellington, a family’s battle with a muddy lawn with two dogs at home, has a common ring to it. Joe and his wife Esther, with two lively dogs, faced the daily challenge of maintaining a green, healthy lawn and being able to fully enjoy their outdoor area. 

The constant upkeep—watering, mowing, and cleaning up after their pets—was exhausting and time-consuming. However, their decision to switch to SmartGrass marked a pivotal moment in their lives, transforming their home environment from a nightmare to a dream. 

From Nightmare to Dream: How SmartGrass Revolutionized Joe’s Home Environment

The Challenge: Battling Mud and Maintenance

Wellington’s climate, coupled with the enthusiastic digging habits of their dogs, meant that Joe was constantly fighting against mud and mess. The task of keeping the indoors clean with dogs bringing in dirt was almost impossible.

The Turnaround with SmartGrass

The installation of SmartGrass was a game-changer. Designed to look and feel like real grass, Joe choose our SmartGrass Retreat 40 from our Earth Series Range, our premier landscaping grass that includes two brown layers of thatch to make it look real, drains five times faster, is stronger than latex backed artificial grass, and requires no watering, mowing, and very little maintenance. For Joe and Esther, this meant:

  • No More Watering: The synthetic nature of SmartGrass eliminated the need for watering, a significant advantage in Wellington where water restrictions are common.
  • No More Mowing: Weekends were no longer dominated by lawn care, freeing up time for more enjoyable activities.
  • Durable and Pet-Friendly: Despite initial concerns about how their dogs would interact with the artificial turf, it proved to be durable and resistant to wear and tear from their pets who love it like it was real.

Check out the video with Joe…

Transformed Outdoor Living

With the introduction of SmartGrass, the family’s outdoor space was transformed into an inviting, clean, and green area. It became a hub for social gatherings, with friends and neighbours often coming over to enjoy the beautiful, low maintenance lawn. The realistic appearance of the turf made it a conversation starter, with many not believing that it was not real grass.

The Smart Solution: How Artificial Turf Transformed Joe’s Wellington Residence

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Investing in SmartGrass turned out to be economically beneficial for Joe and his family. The cost savings from not purchasing lawn care supplies and equipment, along with the reduced water bills, contributed to a return on investment that exceeded their expectations. 

Aesthetic and Functional Enhancements

The aesthetic appeal of SmartGrass brought a sense of pride and satisfaction. The lawn was now consistently green, lush, and without unsightly patches or mud. Functionally, the space is more usable, with the family enjoying it far more often.

Testimonials and Personal Experiences

Joe’s enthusiastic endorsement of SmartGrass, stating it had “blown my mind,” reflects the transformative impact it has had on their lives. He expressed a readiness to choose SmartGrass again, ‘in a heartbeat.’


SmartGrass has changed how Joe and his family in Wellington are living. By converting their troublesome natural lawn into a beautiful, low-maintenance artificial turf, they are able to enjoy their home more, spending more time outside as it’s a ‘nicer place to be.’

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