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Hornby Primary School


Hornby Primary School

SmartGrass makes upgrading outdoor school spaces easy. Hornby School used their SIP funding to replace a dry patchy grassed area with SmartGrass, making it an appealing place for children to play and eat lunch.

SmartGrass makes upgrading school spaces easy

The challenge

The large tree in the middle of this grassed area was creating so much shade during winter months, that the grass was always muddy. Mud was being tracked inside classrooms making for an unpleasant learning environment.

In summer the tree absorbed all the moisture out of the soil. Mud turned to dry, hard dirt that wouldn’t grow any grass.

No matter the season, the area was unusable, wasted space. Rather than cutting down the tree, the school decided to use SmartGrass to solve the problem.

The solution

The school chose Oasis 35 from the Earth Series range for its balance between softness and durability. A popular choice for schools as it is a maintenance buster for muddy areas, and a cost effective solution for covering damaged asphalt, or a quick playground overhaul. 

SmartGrass provides excellent drainage, meaning the tree still had a plentiful water supply. Our team was careful not to damage the roots of the tree during the removal of the top layer of soil. Then they expertly cut the turf to fit around the base of the tree, ensuring the SmartGrass looked natural against the trunk.

The students of Hornby Primary love their new SmartGrass lawn. They use it for reading, playing and eating lunch.

“Our school is extremely happy with the SmartGrass, and the team who completed it were fantastic.”

John Becker – Caretaker

Products used

Oasis 35 Oasis 35

Oasis 35

An Earth Series grass. The most realistic.

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