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Silverstream Townhouse


Silverstream Townhouse

Wet, muddy, squishy lawn was the result of poor drainage at our client’s property. Expert base preparation resolved the drainage issue and our client’s outdoor space is now neat, tidy and ready to enjoy.

Say goodbye to muddy grass

Say hello to an outdoor space enhanced by SmartGrass

The challenge

With a lawn that was wet, muddy and squishy, our client was motivated to source the best quality synthetic grass, from a company that could offer the best installation and workmanship.

She viewed four synthetic grasses from various companies and was put off by their unrealistic colour and obvious joins, until she found SmartGrass.

The solution

Our client was impressed with her SmartGrass selection, Retreat 40, particularly appreciating the amount of brown thatch and the likeness to a real lawn.

To solve the drainage issue, we prepared the base by excavating the area by 150mm. This meant that we could rebuild a strong aggregate base that would drain more efficiently and prevent sinking over time.

“The result has transformed my outlook and the grass looks real, except there’s no weeds or dry spots. My only effort is picking up a few leaves. We had our doubts about artificial lawn but my daughter and I agree that my SmartGrass looks better than we could have imagined.”

Olive, Silverstream

Products used

Retreat 40 Retreat 40

Retreat 40

An Earth Series grass. The longest and lushest.

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