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Spa Surround


Spa Surround

We transformed the garden around our client’s spa so that they can enter their spa pool but keep the leaves and dirt out.

Say goodbye to debris in the spa pool
Say hello to a soft, clean surface around your spa

The challenge

Our client’s spa pool was positioned on a concrete slab, surrounded by garden and stone chip. The only way to access it was to step through the garden and stones. This meant that they tracked dirt and debris into the spa when they used it.

The solution

SmartGrass installers excavated the garden and stones, replaced it with a solid aggregate base and laid SmartGrass on top.

The area is now easy to keep clean, slip resistant and soft underfoot so our client can step into their spa without bringing the dirt and debris in with them.

They chose an Earth Series grass because water that spilled onto it would drain through the fully permeable backing and the grass would be dry in no time.

Our client’s SmartGrass was a part of a larger backyard renovation project. They also installed an opening louvre roof system over the area and low maintenance plants to enhance the space.

Products used

Retreat 40 Retreat 40

Retreat 40

An Earth Series grass. The longest and lushest.

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