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The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel


The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel

The Dog Bach installed SmartGrass to transform their terraced group play area into an easy-to-clean lawn for their canine clientele to rest & play.

When only the best will do – choose SmartGrass

The challenge

The Dog Bach Boarding Kennel offers a first class service for their overnight guests but the outdoor area was patchy, muddy and messy. The dogs don’t mind, but mud gets tracked inside creating more work for staff.

The overall look of the outdoor space is not as neat and tidy as they would like it. As part of a total refurbishment they turned to SmartGrass for a  landscaping solution.

The solution

Long lasting, hard wearing turf that looks great was a must-have for this reputable boarding kennel. SmartGrass is easy to clean, fast draining and dogs can’t dig through it. 

On rainy days the dogs stay nice and clean as there is no more mud that can be tracked around. On sunny days SmartGrass is a nice soft surface for dogs to sleep on, and the blades pop back up afterwards. 

Products used

Lakeside 25 Lakeside 25

Lakeside 25

A resilient and hard wearing landscaping turf.

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