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Transforming Charlotte’s Lawn – A Great Investment


Transforming Charlotte’s Lawn – A Great Investment

Charlotte’s vision and investment in her garden has paid off spectacularly.


Charlotte’s vision and investment in her Wellington garden has paid off spectacularly. From a laborious weekend chore to a stunning and functional outdoor space, her lawn transformation has brought immense joy and satisfaction.

Charlotte’s Lawn Transformation Journey

A New Perspective on Gardening

Charlotte now loves looking out her window and admiring her beautiful lawn. She no longer dreads weekend gardening chores, freeing up her time for more enjoyable activities.

Enjoying More Free Time

With her new Oasis 35 lawn, from our Earth Series range, Charlotte and her family have more leisure time. She no longer feels burdened by the need to maintain the garden, which has significantly improved her weekends.

Creating a Social Hub

Charlotte’s new lawn has become a popular spot for gatherings. Friends actually visit more often, enjoying the lush, green space. Bean bags on the lawn provide a cozy seating area, while the kids play football in the background.

Check out the video with Charlotte…

The Process: Simple and Effective

Easy Lawn Installation

Many people have asked Charlotte about the lawn installation process. She explains that for her, it was straightforward and efficient. The SmartGrass team came in, dug up the old lawn, laid the new grass, and completed the project within a couple of days.

Charlotte was impressed by the extensive work done to ensure there would be no future drainage issues. This attention to detail has left her very happy with the overall process.

The Detailed Installation Process


The transformation began with the removal of the existing lawn. The team excavated the area to 100mm below the finished level. This step was crucial to prepare the ground for the new installation.

Stabilisation and Drainage

Next, the ground was compacted to create a stable base. A geocloth was laid to prevent risk of undulation long term. Additionally, a drainage coil was installed for the additional drainage that this area required.

Base Construction

A crucial part of the process is constructing a solid base. The team installed a timber edge around the lawn area. They then built up the base to the finished level using crushed rock. This base was meticulously compacted and laser leveled to ensure a perfectly flat and stable surface.

Turf Installation

Finally, the new turf was installed. It was laid directly on the compacted and levelled crushed rock surface, completing the transformation of Charlotte’s lawn.

A Worthwhile Investment

A Great Transformation

Charlotte considers the lawn transformation a fantastic investment. The change has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of her garden but also added to her home’s functionality and value.

Super Happy with the Results

From start to finish, Charlotte was thrilled with the entire process. The quick and efficient transformation exceeded her expectations, making her garden a place of pride and joy.


Charlotte’s experience demonstrates the value of investing in quality artificial lawn. Her story is a testament to how a well-executed garden project can significantly enhance a family’s lifestyle. 

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